We are all huge fans of POWERFUL MUSCLE CARS! It does not matter if you are a Chevy, Ford or Mopar fan… They all have something to be proud of and for us to respect it! Moreover, we all love Drag Racing, therefore, we love to see a good DRAG CAR! Such one is presented in this video, a 340 MOPAR that obviously has A LOT OF POWER!

Anyway, drag cars usually have the BLOWER SURGE “problem”. We used quotation marks, since it is not really a problem. It is just that many people say that you cannot use your car for anything else but DRAG RACING! In order to get all the power, drag racers are supposed to do the surge as much as needed! However, there are MANY Blown Engines that do not really have a “blower surge” if they are properly TUNED! However, while some say that this is not their idea of an enjoyable ride, other are fascinated by this IDLE FROM HELL! Also, the BURNOUT afterwards made up for all the surge! Take a look at the video, and feel free to comment or give us your opinion on this topic!

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