Lamborghini V8 Drag Car Makes 7 Seconds Passes!

When it comes to those amazing supercars, especially when we are talking about the Lamborghini, we are constantly showing you some amazing models and variants that are leaving us completely mesmerized. But every now and then, we come across some totally bizarre and unique specimen that leaves us totally speechless, looking for our jaw on the floor. And most of the times when we say that, we are primarily talking about the car`s appearance, its design (whether it is custom or stock) and perfectly shaped body lines, even though its motor power is never something that should be debated about. But this time we are going to show you one totally insane looking Lambo, mostly because we do not have a chance to see a Lamborghini V8 model that is specialized for drag racing.

And once again, it is coming from the only place outside the United States where one can find and see this type of drag monsters, Australia. And unlike most of the Lamborghini models that we know, this highly modified Lamborghini Countach monster is powered by a blown V8 engine that is catapulting it on the strip like lightening, doing a Quarter-Mile passes in just 7 seconds at about 190 mph. We do not know how much horse and torque power is under the hood of that beast, but I`m sure it is a lot!

So check out the video and get acquainted with this new Ozzie drag strip Lamborghini V8 monster and tell us what you think about it in the comment section below. If you want to see another insanely fast drag monster, click here.