Danny Smith TAKES The C10 Pickup @ SUMMERNATS 23!

Are you a burnout addict? Then we suppose you know Danny Smith also known as `The Burnout Master` and his C10 pickup truck – SOLID! Danny Smith never disappoints us when it comes to burnouts and donuts, but this time we were truly amazed by his performance! Summernats 23 fans should be grateful as their tickets really paid off this time! We hardly think anyone expected to see Danny Smith`s Solid in this light.

After he overhauled SOLID, he showed up at the Summernats to present his skills. Noise, smoke, crowd chanting, everything you can see on the Summernats. Smith pulled out one of the best skids of his career. He went on impressing people and made the crowd go insane, he pushed Solid to the limit until the explosion of the radiator hose!  Watch as Danny Smith manages to mark another epic moment in his long and successful career. Go and click on the video bellow and see how rubber from the tires flicks onto the camera!

If you really call yourself as a burnout fan, you do not want to miss this! Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you – Danny Smith!

P.S. If you are interested in Summernats visit the official page of the event, right here.