SNOWMOBILE vs FERRARI Drag Race! Who Wins?

We believe that you have seen plenty of drag races, and of course attended some, however we are pretty sure that not everyone has seen a drag race like you are about to see now! Snowmobile vs Ferrari 458 vs F430 Spider! Drag races are always for fun, great speeds, lots of smoke, the sound of roaring engines. These particular races, in the video below, lack some of the elements we mentioned, but this fact does not reduces the credibility of the race itself! Because it is special in an own, unique way!

The video for today contains two drag races between a SNOWMOBILE and two FERRARI automobiles. In the first race, the snowmobile goes head to head with the Ferrari F430 Spider, whereas the second one is a duel with the Ferrari 458 Spider. So it`s basically a Snowmobile vs Ferrari cars race! You might think this is all nonsense, and there is no room for a snowmobile among these automobiles, but wait till you see its performance. In fact, the snowmobile wins the first battle! We were surprised when we saw this vehicle`s driving on asphalt. But it does not seem to have any troubles at all! It goes on that paved asphalt like it has real wheels underneath! Who knows how modded this Snowmobile is as it takes two Ferraris and is not an underdog in none of the races! This Snowmobile vs Ferrari video is amazing and is something we have not seen in a long time! Furthermore, the Ferrari 458 Spider learned the lesson watching the first race and didn`t let the snowmobile win this time, although it was very close to victory! Check it out!

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