New symbol for mightiness? Take a look at this video and witness Slædehunden strength in all its glory. On top of that, it`s in slow motion, much for your enjoyment. Impressively, this tractor produces three fullpulls and gets the crowd on their feet. You could see how much they enjoyed being a part of this unique experience. This Danish beast truly outdoes himself. Despite having such large quantity of weight “on its shoulders”, it deals with it impeccably. He pulls it like there`s only a feather on its back. Viking power much?

With so much dark smoke surrounding him, you cannot help but feel a bit scared of it. You do not want to be in his way! Imagine being in the driver`s place! Imagine controlling this mighty vehicle and pulling all sorts of weight with such ease. Imagine getting the crowd so excited that each single attendant gives you an ovation. Must be one of the greatest feelings in the world.
Make sure to watch until the very end and enjoy every second of this extraordinary Slædehunden pulling everything behind it. If you ask us, it truly is a new symbol for mightiness! Do you agree?

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