See This MIGHTY 7.3 POWER F350 truck with HUGE Exhaust!

When it comes to trucks, it is about the power and the size! Big frame, big tires, big engine, big exhaust! This video is about a Ford F350 truck with a 7.3 Power Stroke engine. You can HEAR how actually BIG this truck is since the very beginning of the video, recorded on the countryside. You can feel its power when the engine is still idle, but after some pressure on the gas pedal comes the real deal. Be careful headphone users!! Lots of noise and lots of smoke!! The exhaust reminds us of a power plant chimney, it is HUGE.

This F350 truck makes lots of smoke when it is still not moving, wait till you see what happens when it starts moving. You might think that the gas pedal is producing smoke, not making the truck move! However, creating so much smoke sounds like fun, we have to be careful, to think about the environment as well. It is good sometimes to push our vehicles to the max, to satisfy our senses, yet we have to be more environment friendly for the sake of our future. Now observe what this truck is capable of!

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