DRIFT CARS, Lots of Fun, In Roberts Vitols’ WITCH KETTLE!

I think that most of you will agree with me when I say that regardless of the fact that the good drifting skills and powerful performance is the main and most important thing for every drifting enthusiast when he is watching a drift video, but it is also important how good it is filmed. After watching the WITCH KETTLE you will understand. We have all had numerous opportunities to watch clips with an awesome drifting performance, but with poor quality.

Do not get me wrong. I`m not saying that only the pro guys can create a great video. Because besides the above mentioned bad quality videos, we have also seen numerous great video clips made by enthusiasts, not professionals.

But still, when there is a great drifting event, and when it is filmed by a pro director, then the final result is something utterly appealing and attractive. And that is what we have prepared for you today. An awesome, exciting, fulfilled with thrill and suspense, a three and a half minute professional video, which is going to be an introduction of Roberts Vitols` new documentary, Witch Kettle (The Wolfpack), or simply called 2015 Drift Film!

Before leaving you to enjoy in it, I will only say that this new documentary, filmed at Bikernieki Race Track in Latvia, is about the art of drift-driving, and it is dedicated to people who have an ultimate respect and who value the talent and the skills of the guys who are behind the wheel of those terrifyingly powerful and fast drift monsters.

So check it out and enjoy it! And if you want to see more drifting video clips, click here.