I`m sure that many of you have heard the saying that car`s headlights are like the eyes of your car, and that is why changing and ornamenting them is always a popular thing. Perhaps, some of you (the more conservative ones) will say that this is another trendy thing, something similar like guys spiking their hair, but it is actually pretty old, dating back to the late 20s from the 20th century, when people were using colored glass to `spice up` their vintage cars. Another factor why tinting lights have fallen out is because of the regulations and some very poor `craftsmanship`. But if you ask me, with a help of some good workmanship like the one that you are going to see in the -- how to tint your car headlights -- video below, headlights tinting will catch up again.

One of the ways that it can be done is by painting, but this is way too complicated that requires a number of things and it consumes a lot of time. Using vinyl is much simpler and the results are great. Plus, it is also much cheaper, reversible and faster. However, one has to be skilful with his hands and concentrated if you want the final result to be great.

Tint films that are specially created for cars can be found in many car accessory shops, and they work in a way that they permit exit light and restricting the entering light. The video that we have prepared shows everything that has to be done in order to come up with perfectly tinted headlights. So check it out and inspire yourself on how to tint your car headlights, and if you want to go even further in ornamenting your car`s headlights, click here.