The Futuristic Wheels Of The BMW Vision Next 100 Concept Car! Very Cool & Sleek Movements! Take A Look!

BMW revealed its Vision Next 100 concept car in February at the Geneva Motor Show. The concept behind this futuristic car is to celebrate BMW`s 100th birthday. The German manufacturer also mean to show the automotive world the direction it wants to go for the future. If this concept car is really a small taste of that future, than we love what we are seeing! For this video, we are going to be focused on the car`s wheels. It may be a bit unusual to focus so much on a car`s wheels. However, the wheel design presented in this concept car is totally unreal!

What amazes us the most about the wheels of the BMW Vision Next 100 concept is that they are one with the car! When the driver turns the wheels they make one amazingly sleek movement! They are concealed underneath a netting of triangles that change and shift the form of the body as they turn in order to bring down the drag to 0.18! Just like the wheels, the rest of the car has a shape-shifting architecture as well. There is a fully autonomous mode called “Ease” and a driver-centered one called “Boost.” When in Boost, the driver can communicate with the car by gesture control! What do you think?

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