Clear Glass Wheels Made By FORGIATO! We Think They Look Awesome! Does Anyone Have Them?

Rims have a significant role when it comes to the external appearance of a vehicle, no matter if it is a word of a 2-wheeled, or a 4-wheeled one. There are countless models, and certainly there is at least one for everyone. From 2-spoke rims to 100+-spoke rims, the choice is yours. Ever heard of clear wheels?

Nevertheless, today`s video is actually about wheels, but rather unconventional ones. In other words, you are about to watch a video clip featuring spokeless wheels! This type of wheels has been invented by Doug McGoon, nearly a decade ago, and the clear wheels you are going to see have been manufactured by Forgiato.

As a matter of fact, the clear wheel inventor is the one who is giving the presentation in today`s video. He explains how he came up with the idea of this wheel type, and the materials the wheels are made of. The inventor wanted to make these wheels for a bike at first. However, he did not have a bike so he made them for his car. At first, he only used a jigsaw and screwed the drivers in by himself! No matter how the clear wheels seemed crazy at the time, they are now approved and ready for production! So, they were presented and are available three weeks from now!

Despite the fact that the people have thought that Doug McGoon`s idea was “a little bit crazy“, he never gave up and went all the way! And if you think that these wheels have low resist rate, there are sections in the video where these wheels are put to the test in order to prove you the opposite! Check out the footage and see McGoon`s amazing invention called the clear wheels made by Forgiato!

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