Geneva Motor Show 2016 HIGHLIGHTS!

Geneva Motor Show 2016 All The McLaren Cars Are Set At 2016 Geneva Motor Show 6

Every year, it`s the same thing. Our favorite auto show, the famous Geneva Motor Show 2016 is over for the press and we had to pack everything we had! So, here is our review and everything that caught our eye! We loved the McLaren cars, whatsoever! The McLaren P1 was outstanding and so were the others!

Lamborghini Centenario Is At 2016 Geneva Motor Show 6

However, each automaker was outstanding at the Suisse Geneva Motor Show 2016! Audi nailed it with the RS model, and jaw-dropped many people with the Q3 model, while Lambo celebrated their founders 100th birthday with the Lamborghini Centenario! Check out the gallery to see our favorites!