What On Earth Is Happening To This PETERBILT TRUCK?! It Is SMOKING SO MUCH, People Must Not Approach It!

Driving a truck is definitely not a child`s play. You need to have the right skill set for the job, accompanied by countless hours on the road, and time away from the family. Being a truck driver means that you will have to be prepared for many different and rather awkward situations. This occurrence in the video below can be placed in the category of weird situations. If you have ever been in a situation like this, please share your reaction and solution with us. You have all heard of Peterbilt trucks, right? Anyway, what is happening here with this Peterbilt truck?

The truck in the video suddenly broke down and started smoking like a volcano and it won`t stop working! One police car immediately showed up and the police officer won`t allow anyone to come close to the truck! Of course, it is all about safety! These people were unable to do something in order to stop the blowing of diesel fuel all over the place! When we first saw the video we thought the truck is going to blow up any second! That`s the impression it leaves! Fortunately, nothing terrifying happened. The truck just stopped working, after several minutes of polluting the environment. It turned out that the seals in the turbo were broken and they caused the malfunction! The intake side of the Peterbilt truck turbo blows which causes oil burning in the crank! The oil is, however, mixed with coolant. Many say that the driver could have just turn the key off! Wrong! That does not change the fact the Peterbilt truck is getting fuel from the crank! What might help is putting it in high gear and somehow bleed the clutch with holding the brakes! That might help, but it is not for sure, just something we think could help!

Finally, follow this link to witness another diesel truck that can smoke your whole neighborhood! Epic video!