CRAZY VOLVO Taxi Gives You A SMOKY Ride To Remember!

So far, we have shown you plenty of videos containing vehicles that produce huge amounts of smoke. Of course, we are going to continue with this practice, for your convenience. Most of the vehicles you have seen on our web site are made in the States, but today we want to show you that non-American vehicles (in this case a car) are capable to produce a lot of smoke too. In the video below, you are going to see the Swedish icon VOLVO creating smoke like a volcano! And just before you ask, we are going to honor you with the early answer – NO, it is not broken! It is fully functional i.e. custom made for this particular purpose! This Volvo taxi made so much smoke, even it got lost in it!

Everything became blurry at the end! This Volvo taxi releases smoke from everywhere possible, both the engine and the tires simultaneously! However, before you reach the end, you have to prepare for the beginning. It means that the volume must be turned up so you can combine the lovely sounds with the smoke that is all over the place!

Plus, click here to watch the tutorial video of what NOT to do when you do rolling coal! It`s a hilarious prank!