No Joking With This Twin Turbo ROLLING COAL MONSTER!

Crafty hands are needed in order to transform a car and give it a new life. Some transformations go pretty easy, however others can be real ordeal. Anyway, at the end, the satisfaction is what matters most. The smile of people`s faces when they see the outcome. That`s what it`s all about. Additionally, transforming a car can be one really time consuming process which requires a lot of love and passion to finish it, but when it is done, the feeling is priceless. After that, another flow of rolling coal emotions kicks in, when you see that very vehicle up and running.

Rat rods are such vehicles. Cars from the 1940s, 1950s, as well as early 1960s are brought back to life big time. Those are vehicles that require special attention and care too. They may seem like they don`t have anything to show, but don`t underestimate their power only by judging their appearance. For instance, take the video below in consideration. It features one mighty, born winner, rat rod car. In other words, we referring to WelderUp`s D Rod! This vehicle is powered by an amazing 7.3 liter Cummins diesel engine! Also, this machine is amplified by twin turbo system! It really means rolling coal!

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