One Hell Of A Driving Performance With A VW Campervan Soapbox Race Car Powered By Love!

Remember the animated television show “Wacky Races”? If you do and you are a fan of it, the Red Bull Soapbox Race event will rock your world! It`s an event where all kinds of hilarious and whacky home-made cars are racing each other! And the designs on the cars which enter this race are plainly said – incredible! Designs of a soapbox race car that looks like a loaf of bread, pink stiletto, coffin, rugby scrum and lot more are known to enter this event! All of these wacky designs are racing through a very unique and terrifying route while going at 40mph!

From all of the crazy home-made designs we previously mentioned, in this video you are about to see one hilarious soapbox VW campervan! The team that made this awesome vehicle is called Hippy Split! It`s a small and compact soapbox van and it`s one of the most impressive this event has to offer! This trippy van from the 60`s can be seen going through the aforementioned treacherous track filled with obstacles, tight corners and jumps! And the way this soapbox race car goes through all of these obstructions is amazing!

At first, in this video, we can see this soapbox race car exiting a corner with a huge wobble! But the driver inside this soapbox VW campervan manages to control that steering wobble like a pro! All while controlling that steering wobble there is one nasty obstacle ahead! The soapbox VW campervan manages to get past it but not without a price! The front left tire falls off! Even without the front left tire, the driver of this soapbox race car manages to enter the next corner efficiently! Fantastic driving! Unfortunately, this soapbox VW campervan didn`t manage to cross the finish line. Because of lacking the front left tire, it wasn`t able to land efficiently when it did that last jump! And the crash occurred right before the finish line! What a pity!

Nevertheless, this soapbox race car driver with his soapbox VW campervan just made our day! What an amazing contraption and drive!

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