RC DUCATI 999 BIKE JUMPS Over Garage! But Where Does It Land?

Riding a motorbike is a special way of having fun. Not everyone understands this, but those who do, know exactly what we are referring to. And if you are a truly passionate bike rider, you are most likely to take all the fun with you at your home, by riding an RC motorbike! A toy like this is equally fun both for grown-ups and children! It offers countless ways of fun. With it, you can do what you can`t in real life. The video we have here today presents a situation which is unlikely to be done with a real motorcycle. We have got to say, this whole footage is definitely rib-tickling! It is a word of an RC Ducati 999 remote control bike that has a surprisingly loud machine!

Anyway, it is getting ready for a stunt, but we never saw the following coming! The first funny moment is when the maker of this video turns the rider`s head towards the camera and the rider itself is made to look like he is smiling! Then, assuming he is ready, we see a jumping ramp and we all know what is going to happen next! This little RC Ducati 999 bike flies over the garage and we are dying to find out how it landed!

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