Streetfighterz Do INSANE Stunts & They CRASH TOO!

Riding a bike is a way of life. Some people can`t get it, yet others can`t live without their two-wheeled pets. The following video is definitely jaw-dropping in terms of the greatness of the stunts. Huge respect! On the other hand, the footage below is instructive as well.It provides you with first hand situations showing that even though the bikers you are about to see are clearly professionals, they are ordinary human beings that can fall of the bike. Hope that this will make you reconsider yourself before attempting such stunts. Anyhow, we are talking about the motorcycle group which is very popular among the bike riders – The Streetfighterz!

Today`s video is all about them and this year`s Murder Biz Ride. Here you can see great deal of bike stunts like wheelies, drifting, burning tires between other vehicles, standing backwards on the bikes and many, many more! These guys are absolutely stunning! At first, you will not believe that they can perform what they are actually performing! However, there are several sections in this video for sobering up. Also, this is one of those videos that cannot be left seen only once!

To learn more about the history of the Streetfighterz and their very first beginnings, follow this link!