The BIGGEST Motorbike Made By OCC Belongs To SHAQ!

Orange County Choppers have built countless number of unique, custom made bikes. Many celebrities have asked them to create a bike for their own purposes that will stand out from the crowd. One celebrity that made the OCC crew roll up their sleeves and work a bit harder is the one and only Shaquille O`Neal! Building a bike for a 7-foot-1-inch human is quite an endeavor! In addition to this, the bike that OCC has made for Shaq is the biggest motorbike ever made by this crew! Their mission was to make Shaq look small while riding his new bike!

However, the test ride was one tricky business. The man brave enough for this task was OCC`s fabricator and machinist, Christian Welter, who duct taped size 22 sneakers (Shaq`s size) to short stilts. That was the only way to grow up instantly. Anyway, let`s look at the biggest motorbike specifications. We are going to start with the custom parts – OCC`s 50″ wide handlebar (normal size bars are 36″ max), custom gas tank as well as custom made “Man Of Steel” headlight. The paintjob is Ralph Estrada`s work of art.

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