Check Kelly McGarry Hobbit Riding Bike EPIC PERFORMANCE!

Where do hobbits go, and what do they do when they are not in their cute little houses? Well, we are about to find an answer to that question in this video below. You probably thought that Hobbits are only short humanoids with axes? True, most of them are, but this one is slightly different. Let`s start with the fact that he is a normal size person, riding a mountain bike. We are talking about Kelly McGarry, professional mountain biker, dressed like a hobbit with a cloak to make this ride more authentic.

This video is recorded in the vast, beautiful, green spaces of New Zealand. It is fair to say, this video is very professional. It is recorded from different angles with helicopters using slow motion cameras in high definition. It would be a pity to watch those magnificent landscapes in standard definition. Moreover, you have the chance to see how the biker rides through the forest, going through narrow paths, fragments of front wheel drive, jumping, doing tricks in the air. He makes this ride so smooth and look like a piece of cake. So come on, step into the hobbit`s world!

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