The Legends Are Back! Jeremy Clarkson And The Top Gear Team Cruising In A Custom Made Off Road Mercedes!

After Jeremy Clarkson going ballistic and punching the BBC producer in the face, him and his Top Gear team are going on internet television. As the CEO of Amazon stated, they signed a pretty expensive deal! They are already filming on various attractive locations like Central London, Barbados, Northern Africa, the Middle East and more! They sure are having the budget they deserve from Amazon. And for all of us Gearheads, that`s happy news! And what makes us even happier while we are waiting for the new Top Gear show on Amazon Prime, is seeing them having fun in a custom made off road Mercedes!

We see Jeremy Clarkson behind the wheel of this lifted off road Mercedes together with Richard Hammond and James May coming around the corner and they have huge smiles on their faces. Who knows what popped the ingenious mind of the Top Gear team when they decided to make this bizarre vehicle. It looks like a combination was made out of a Land Rover and a luxurious Mercedes car. The Mercedes chassis is a Mercedes Benz SL of the 70`s.

This video was taken in a small English village called Cobham. And this quiet village had a really big treat when they saw the Top Gear team coming around the corner in an off road Mercedes with huge off road tires! As Jeremy Clarkson and the Top Gear team are cruising around, Jeremy Clarkson notices the person filming them.

He then decides to slow down and gives the person filming a nod. He then asks the person filming: “Are you filming this car because it is excellent?” On that the man filming replies: “It is quite different” And he is totally right about that. After this brief exchange, the Top Gear team trio drives away to continue their exciting adventure.

We are so happy Jeremy Clarkson and the guys are having so much fun again. And we just can`t wait for the new show to begin. Who knows what the Top Gear trio has in store for us. And we wonder, will the Stig make a comeback as well?

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