Amazing Fix Up Of The Legendary VW Splitty By Wheeler Dealers! Do You Like This Boost Of The Iconic Van?!

We have yet another video of Wheeler Dealers where they fix up the legendary VW Splitty! And Mike Brewer brings something extraordinary to the table on how to approach its repairs. A rather minimalistic way of repairing.

Mike Brewer bought this VW Splitty here in the States for less than $14,000! And as you`ll see in the video it has been beautifully preserved. No rust anywhere to be found! A great find by Mike indeed. They are bound to make great profit with this one.

When they open up the hood that is behind on the VW Splitty we can see its awesome engineering. It has an A.E engine with a 1600 single-port! That`s load of power. However, the engine is still stuck in the 60`s and Mike wants to make some modern modifications to it. He proposes to Edd China to put a modern 2L turbocharged supercharged engine! That will make this VW Splitty an awesome speedy van on the road! However, Edd China doesn`t want to hear any of that. He wants to leave the engine as it is. And you got to understand him also. VW made one astounding engine with this one, it works very well as it was designed for this iconic van. Mike Brewer seems to agree with him after hearing his argument. However, what about the rest of the driving experience?

Mike Brewer says that the steering is a bit wayward, the gearbox is like steering a stick in a porridge bawl etc. Edd is asked if they should leave that as it is also. He says that they can stiffen that up make it a bit better. But, that`s what people buy into. Enthusiasts of this iconic van doesn`t want a modern VW Splitty now do they? So, Mike Brewer may have a point. Make sure to see the video and the rest of the fix up solutions by the Wheeler Dealers duo!

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