Supercharged Harley Davidson With Neon Lights & Fascinating SOUND! Would You Ride It?!

People strive for more, simply because the human eye is always hungry to see and explore more. If you look at this from a gearhead’s point of view, it means that gearheads always want to do something more with their rides! No matter if it is a car, truck or a motorbike. The video you are about to watch shows one such example, an upgraded bike. To be more precise, it is a word of a massive supercharged Harley Davidson! Thanks to the centrifugal supercharger, by ProCharger, mounted on the engine of this particular motorbike, it produces the kind of sound that will make you reach for the volume control panel immediately, and of course, volume up!

Supercharged Harley Davidson With Neon Lights And Fascinating SOUND!

Sadly, we do not get the chance to see this supercharged Harley Davidson completely in action, i.e. to feel its raw power, but judging to its idling and revving sound, we can make a very positive assumption. Plus, besides the performance aftermarket parts mounted on this motorbike`s machine, there are other parts that make this bike look even more unique! We are referring to the neon lights, placed around the engine, which contribute to the overall appearance and also put an accent to the engine itself!

However, a motorbike with such look is often a target of many different opinions, which is quite normal. Some may like it, others may not, but in the end it all comes to one thing – the owner enjoys it. He is the one who possesses this particular supercharged Harley Davidson, and he customized it in the way he likes it. And when it comes to taste, there are people who take this issue very seriously! Anyways, no matter if others like this Harley or not, it already fulfilled its goal, and that is to make everybody talk about it.

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