Meet Fredy Jäätes & His Turbocharged Harley-Davidson V-Rod! You Will Be Amazed By His Harley Tuning Skills!

If you are a Buell fan you are most likely to have heard about this passionate motorcyclist. He comes from Estonia and his name is Fredy Jäätes! However, if you don`t know who Fredy Jäätes is, we will be very glad to introduce you with him. For starters, he was among the first Buell owners to ride such bike on the streets of Estonia`s capital, Tallinn. Additionally, you surely wonder where his bike and Harley tuning passion came from. Well, there is one surprising fact! Usually, passion towards vehicles is carried from a close family member, in this case Fredy Jäätes` father is well-known in the Estonian bike circles, but this is not the case with Fredy!

Namely, he received an IZ Planeta 2 motorbike for his 14th birthday, and that`s where all began. And Jaanus Karm, the guy who brought back Fredy in the saddle after he dabbled with cars for a couple of years! Albeit he has been an owner of motorbikes manufactured by various companies, he truly found himself in working with the American motorbike legend Harley-Davidson. If that is not a dream come true we don`t know what is! In fact, he has spent two years working in the biggest Harley-Davidson workshop in Austria, and then headed to work in a Harley-Davidson workshop in the United Arab Emirates! After working in the UAE, he went to study in the Harley-Davidson University! Since 2007 he has been on his won! A guy who knows the Harley-Davidson spirit – inside out! This guy worked hard and went through everything in order to bring his Harley tuning skills on this level! In this video below, you are going to see him driving his Turbocharged Harley-Davidson V-Rod! Enjoy!

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