Again something reckless from overseas, this time from Finland. Open road, beautiful nature -- a perfect situation to go outside for a spin, or would it be better if we call it a drift? Maybe both. However, the video starts with a serious warning regarding the crazy bike street drifting performed in it. The bikers may not be concerned, but it is good to access this video wisely.

This footage is recorded from different angles for a full perspective of the performance. When you see them from a greater distance, you might think they are coming from the underground with all that smoke behind them. Watch these guys pushing their bikes to the max and “marking” the asphalt right there on the road among the other vehicles.

They have no fear at all although they have been interrogated by the police and face some jail time up to 2 years. So think once again before going out and trying to do something like this. It looks fun but you might have to deal with the cops and it can be dangerous as well. That`s way it is good to have videos like this as an example for bike street drifting.