Look At This 1001hp BMW G6M V10 HURRICANE CS!

There is no doubt that the Arab people have the most extraordinary and luxurious taste for cars. So far, we have seen golden combos, heavily modified Lambos, Bugattis, etc. and the thing is we cannot have enough from it! That is why, we once again use the opportunity to see the last order from the rich country -- G6M V10 Hurricane CS Ultimate!

1001hp G6M V10 HURRICANE CS Ultimate

This is, actually, the most powerful BWM beast that was ever made by the awesome G-Power crew. The two superchargers and the titanium exhaust system, make this monster run 62 mph for just 4.3 secs. Dyno results say that the top speed of this Hurricane is 231 mph and it will surely stay stable during that speed, thanks to its set of fully adjustable coilovers! Have a look at the amazing photos!

1001hp G6M V10 HURRICANE CS Ultimate 7

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