Back in the 60`s, the Australian automaker Holden started to create a concept car named The Hurricane!!! The development of this experimental vehicle was codenamed RD 001. The goal was to showcase design trends, propulsion technologies and vehicle innovations! In other words, it was a clear look at the future! Holden`s first ever concept car was done in 1969 and was then given the name 1969 Holden HURRICANE! And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, 42 years after the debut, it has undergone a ground-up restoration at the hands of Holden Design!!!

The 1969 concept cars actually includes whole bunch of stuff that was unthinkable at the time such as electronic instrument displays, automated route finder, rear vision camera, AC system and many more! The Hurricane, however, is a mid-engine vehicle with two seats and it expresses a remarkable range of innovation, way ahead of its time! The car that began Holden`s proud journey of concept car development lives again! Let us get the engines started and begin our trip! The 1969 Holden Hurricane was exhibited in October 2011 in Melbourne at the Motorclassica event! If you want to see the preparations, check out the footage!

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