TRUMPVENTADOR Visiting The White House – Lavish Lamborghini Aventador Disguised As A Trump Car!

Driving around in a super expensive exotic car will definitely catch the attention of many people. Having a unique paintjob will do this trick as well. Combining an exotic car with a unique paintjob however, is something you don`t see every day. It is not the colors on the car that make it interesting, but the face that is on it! This stunning Lamborghini Aventador is a Trump car!

It is called the “Trump Train“, and it has Donald Trump`s face on it! What better way to show the world which presidential candidate you support than to put his face on your Lamborghini Aventador! It is no wonder people started taking photos of the car as soon as it stopped. To make everything even better, this whole video was filmed in Washington D.C., in front of the White House!

The hood of the Lamborghini Aventador has Donald Trump`s face on it, as well as the stars of the American flag. He is wearing a cap which has his campaign slogan “Make America Great Again“! Trump`s slogan is also written on the doors of the Trump car. In the back, just over the exhaust, you can read the words: “You`re fired!” This sentence was used in Donald Trump`s show “The Apprentice“ every time he had to disqualify a participant. Apparently, many people liked this Trump car and were interested whether it belongs to Donald Trump himself.

It doesn`t, and this Trump car is not even part of Donald Trump`s campaign. Whoever owns this stunning Lambo thought it would be great to paint Donald Trump on it! It was made almost a month ago for the GoldRush rally! It is definitely one of the most unique paintjobs we have ever seen. If you are a gearhead and a Trump supporter, this is probably the best thing you will see today. Enjoy!

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