V12 Engine Powered VOLVO 470 BM Bison!

We discovered a whole new world when it comes to tractors. Couple of days ago we took a close look of tractors all over the planet! We saw the Russian tractor`s toughness, the reliability of the German ones etc. But now, we have a whole new approach with the Volvo 470.

The tractor from this video is not made to plow or to harvest. It is simply powerful and that`s it! The Volvo 470 owner installed a V12 engine so right now this machine that was originally made to help agriculture, can definitely hit the streets and challenge cars! The footage gives a clear image of the powerful machine. You can hear the sound and be amazed. You will rewind all the time to notice whether this is truly the tractor going!

From a simple farmer`s vehicle, this innovative tractor has turned into a real torque monster! We do not know the exact numbers, but we would definitely say that this one has “enough” torque to give! So, hesitate no more! Click on the video bellow and check out how you can turn your tractor into a real MEAN machine! Enjoy learning guys! Cheers!

Anyway, check out this modern Volvo tractor!