Tyrese Gibson Shared A New Paul Walker Tribute Video On Facebook!

This is extremely touching for every Paul Walker and F&F fan. Tyrese Gibson has honored his friend`s memory again with a very emotional post. He shows his infinite love for his departed friend and ex co-star by posting a video of the two actors fooling around. There are also very nice behind the scenes footage. Tyrese Gibson wrote on Facebook that people were not familiar how much of a joker Paul Walker was. Besides the behind the scenes footage there are also a couple of pictures of the two actors together. In this Paul Walker tribute video, you can also see Paul Walker imitating Vin Diesel.

With posting this video, Tyrese Gibson also thanked director Gary Gray, Vin Diesel, Donna Langley and the studio behind this franchise – Universal Pictures for keeping the whole thing afloat. Even though it has been over 3 years since Paul Walker`s late death, his family, friends and fans can`t get to terms. So, after watching this tribute video you will probably need a tissue or two. Nevertheless, it`s great of Tyrese Gibson to post such a touching Paul Walker tribute video in order to honor his legacy. The new Fast 8 is now in theaters and there is a secret tribute to Paul Walker in the new film as well.

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