See You Again Unplugged Version For The PAUL WALKER’S BIRTHDAY!

The fact that time flies very fast often leaves us speechless. Especially after an important life event. We are sure that the demise of Paul Walker was probably one unexpected body blow. His worldwide fans cannot forget that day, but what is more important is that people still pay tribute to Paul Walker by celebrating his birthday. We ought to render homage for late people`s birthdays in order to show our respect. Therefore, today`s video is specially made in honor of Paul Walker`s birthday, playing See You Again Unplugged version.

Although it`s been almost two years after the calamitous death of one of the greatest actors in the newer American history, people worldwide are paying tribute in various ways. Today`s video contains carefully chosen footages from divergent segments of Paul Walker`s life. There are behind the scenes recordings, interview segments childhood pictures etc. All this is interwoven with Charlie Puth`s excellent performance of “See You Again” -- the unplugged piano version. This video expresses the feelings toward Paul Walker of fans worldwide. We strongly believe that this video below can`t leave you nonchalant. Unless you have a stone heart.

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