New “FATE OF THE FURIOUS” Trailler! Charlize Theron & Vin Diesel In Crazy Action!

The furious drama continues to surprise us despite the low acting range of Vin Diesel. Today we have the new Fate of The Furious trailer that promises epic moments in the new installment. At first we will see Dom on the dark side together with Cipher which is played by Charlize Theron. The Hollywood star once again shows her superior ability to play the bad girl. In the movie, Cipher is an IT-attack professional who can control the technology of the cars in certain areas and cities. That brings to the show a brand new collection of crazy stunts that we thought are unreal. The backstage video of the 8th installment goes behind the process of creating these dangerous scenes.

Anyway, the new Fate of the Furious trailer also shows moments with Jason Statham who will reprise his role as Shaw -- the guy who killed Han. From there, we felt a little weird when it was shown that he and Rocky must work together. There must be a fight between them, we guaranteed that. And of course, it would not be a Furious movie if there are no powerful cars. The Dodge Ice Charger got us already hooked to the 8th movie which will be premiered on 14th April 2017. The movie will also feature the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon that will be responsible for the best smoke-and-noise moments! The trailer has something on that. Watch it below!

At last, if you want to see the best moments behind the scenes of the 7th installment, follow this link!