IRRESISTIBLE! A Close-Up Look Of Dom’s Insane Dodge Ice Charger R/T Presented At The SEMA Show 2016!

Filming for the highly anticipated upcoming Fast and Furious 8 is underway for quite some time now and almost complete. Vin Diesel (Dominic Toretto) most probably finds any classic Charger as some kind of a second home. Having said that, is really no surprise to see another Charger in the eight installment of the epic franchise. However, this time it`s specifically modified to rock on the Icelandic ice. It`s one insane Dodge Ice Charger R/T and it was presented at SEMA 2016. Some of you may find the appearance of this muscle behemoth a bit questionable. However, we think that it will definitely make sense when the movie lands in April next year.

The Dodge Ice Charger is mounted with a jet turbine at the back of the car. Unfortunately, the jet turbine is only a movie prop and it is not real. From some previous videos, we had the opportunity to hear its soundtrack, and it sounded like it`s fitted with a V8 engine up in the front. Oh well, at least the jet turbine is real in the movie. Apart from being a V8, we can`t really know what powers the Ice Charger. However, it`s worth mentioning that all modified vehicles in Furious 7 are motivated by 500HP V8 crate engines from GM. We really can`t wait to see this beast in action on the Icelandic ice. What about you?

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