Gigantic Turbine RC Aircraft CRASH! Saab Gripen 1:2 Scale Model Jet Is Completely Destroyed In A Fatal Explosion!

The hobby of RC anything can get pretty expensive just with updates and upkeep. When damage occurs, the hobby tends to get extremely expensive. In this video, we watch a gigantic turbine RC aircraft in which a lot of money and sweat has been invested meeting its demise in mere seconds.

Gigantic Turbine RC Aircraft CRASH Saab Gripen 1 2 Scale Model explosion 6

It`s a 1:2 Scale model Saab Gripen fighter jet made by Frank Schroeder. It is 279.53 inch long and weighing staggering 260.15 pounds! It`s really a marvelous RC build and the biggest we have seen so far as well. However, nothing is completely perfect including this glorious machine.

The incident occurred at a German RC event and the audience was completely stunned. While the gigantic turbine RC aircraft loops around, it suddenly loses a fin.

This made the aircraft to veer in a different direction and annihilating itself into a million little pieces. Fortunately, all those parts didn`t end up in the crowd below. Someone could`ve gotten hurt.

You can also see the builders of the plane completely devastated by the unexpected carnage. Oh well, at least there wasn`t a pilot to worry about. We also hope that this plane is going to be rebuild and will make a powerful comeback.

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