World’s Biggest RC Model Turbine Helicopter EC-135 In Action! It Is Almost Big Enough For One To Fly In It!

When people make an RC model of a vehicle, they tend to make it much smaller than the original. After all, it is much easier and cheaper to make a smaller version. Plus, finding a remote controlled vehicle that is almost as big as the vehicle after which it was modeled doesn`t happen very often. However, we stumbled upon a video of an RC model turbine helicopter that is almost big enough for people to fly in it! Apparently, this is the biggest RC scale helicopter in the world! The model is EC-135 and it is without a doubt the biggest RC helicopter you will see today!

This footage was taken Damelang, Germany. After the pilot was done preparing the RC model turbine helicopter, it was ready for lift off. They even put a pilot doll inside it to make the feeling more authentic. At the start, we were convinced that this RC EC-135 is too big to fly. However, we were proven to be very wrong! This powerful RC helicopter has a Jakadofsky pro turbine engine as well as an 11 feet rotor diameter! Just for the record, we are NOT talking about the actual EC-135! We shall stop praising this remarkable RC model turbine helicopter now and leave it to you to watch the video and see just how good it is. Cheers!

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