The First HUMAN-LIKE YAMAHA ROBOT That Rides A Motorbike! Meet MOTOBOT!

Robots are nearly omnipresent in the 21st century. People cannot imagine the life without the help of the robots. They do so much that we are not even aware of. So, what`s the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear the word robot? Immensely powerful humanoid machine that destroys everything on its way? Probably, if you watch sci-fi moves most of the time. But no, nowadays robots are far away from that. They are still human helpers. Every factory, every better equipped workshop has robots that do a certain task faster and even more appropriate than humans. We have the pleasure of sharing a video of a human-like Yamaha robot that will push the boundaries even further! This particular model is able to ride a motorcycle!

This by the way, is the goal of the robot featured in the video below. To be better than humans, or as it says “to surpass you”. It is a word of MOTOBOT, a robot that knows how to ride a motorbike, built by Yamaha. The Japanese manufacturer`s endeavor is like a medal with two sides. Their project seems very ambitious, but on the other hand it is a little bit creepy, honestly. Don`t you think? Still, this project is in its early phase, so we are going to keep up with it and provide you with more information as soon as it will come up. Nonetheless, we are certain that this project will develop rapidly and it will eventually become part of our everyday lives. The future is coming people, and this human like Yamaha robot will probably be part of it! Who knows, maybe delivery drivers and taxi drivers will be replaced by the Motobot, but that is just our guess.

At last, click here to watch how one miniature robot rides bicycle like a pro.