FASTEST LEGGED ROBOT! Must WATCH The First Robotic Cheetah Perfectly Designed To RUN & JUMP Over Obstacles On Its Own!

You remember the time when robots were primarily used for helping people by building stuff? They still do that, naturally, but as technology progresses, researches take the robots to a completely new level. This unit, called MIT Cheetah 2, is capable of RUNNING and JUMPING over obstacles autonomously! But of course it is instructed to do so. This is the first robotic cheetah and it`s amazing!

We knew robotic technology was advanced! But we did not really imagined it got to this robotic cheetah level! I mean… aren`t robots supposed to move their hands in 90 degrees angle and slowly talk? It turns out they aren`t. They are now some super-fast cheetahs that run over obstacles like athlete runners!

How is this possible? The creators of this robot have developed new algorithms allowing Cheetah 2 to detect if there is an obstacle on its way. But what`s even more impressive is the fact that it can see when it is blind! What does this mean? It means that Cheetah 2 is not using cameras. Instead it detects the hurdles with a visual system called LIDAR which uses laser reflections to map the route. Then, the three-part algorithm plans the Cheetah`s way according to the data from LIDAR. The first part of the algorithm allows the robot to detect the hurdle and guess its distance as well as size. Next, the second algorithm lets the robot to regulate its approach towards the hurdle. Finally, the third part of the algorithm determines the robot`s trajectory of jumping.

Regardless the algorithms and all the science behind it, we are amazed by this robotic cheetah! Take a look at the video and see what we are talking about. You will definitely be stunned!

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