Have you ever needed that extra hand while you were busting yourself in the kitchen to make the perfect meal? Someone who could slice, chop, grind everything in order to make the task easier? But at the end you had to finish it all on your own. Don`t worry, we have all been there! However, the satisfaction is incomparable and the compliments are inevitable. That counts! Today`s video features the perfect kitchen helper -- a Chef Robot!

He doesn`t talk, doesn`t interfere, and doesn`t bother you at all! He is just doing his task at the best possible level! Also, he is so fast which leads to more efficient cooking! It sounds too good to be true! Believe or not, it is! But we are not talking about a human being. In the video below, you can see him preparing the noodles with an amazing speed and precision as well! This machine is also designed to cast the noodles right into the cooking pot! So simple, yet ingenious invention! And at the end, this robot is not the one who is sweating. Instead, it`s the chef!

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