Incredible KEN BLOCK RC Truck With The Ford Fiesta Hoonigan On Board! How Cool Is This Mini Gearhead World?

The remote control community has done a fantastic work out of their hobby recreating just about anything we can envision from a real-life example and bringing it into this world. In this video, we can see an insane mini replica of the Fiesta Hoonigan which is on board a beautifully detailed Ken Block RC truck. Both of these creations are so amazingly done that it seems like the team behind this work of art took a huge portion of their time in order to make sure that every tiny detail in this combination is accurate. Whether you are a RC fan or not, both of these RC creations will leave you jaw-dropped.

At the beginning of the video we can see the Fiesta Hoonigan following the Ken Block RC truck. After some driving around, we can see the model truck stopping and unloading another Ford Fiesta Hoonigan replica. We got to mention the place where these creations are being presented. It looks like a fully elaborated miniature world where all kinds of miniature vehicles are driving around and minding their own business. Check out the video below and tell us your thoughts of this combination which most certainly doesn`t fail to impress.

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