Ken Block’s GYMKHANA 9! The Tire Slayer Is Back – To The Limit With His 600HP WRC Ford Focus!

Ladies And Gentleman. Ken Block is back! The smokemeister general has returned to slay some more tires! Just like the previous editions, this one doesn`t fail to bring smoke in epic proportions as well. This new Gymkhana 9 edition may not be in Australia or Dubai, but it still looks freaking awesome. It`s actually set in an abandoned industrial park in Buffalo, New York. Going back to the roots. Keeping it simple with some crazy car control around some very scary sideways! He has a brand new weapon of choice as well! His very own car that kicks up mud in the WRC -- the WRC Focus RS!

It is not his four-wheel-drive 845HP 65 `Hoonicorn` Mustang or the ever faithful 650HP Fiesta. However, the WRC Focus RS he opts for now is every bit of staggering. It is freshly rallycross-ed and produces 600HP with 660 lb-ft of torque power! This car is taking Ford`s hatchback to an entirely different level! We can`t say how many Gymkhana videos Ken Block is going to produce, but every new one has something better than the last. Even though the location is a downgrade from Dubai to Buffalo, it still is one hell of a watch! Therefore enjoy the Gymkhana 9 edition and tell us what you think! Is it the best from the rest?

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