GEARHEAD DAD Built An Enormous Peterbilt RC Truck Model That Includes A Cool Chariot & A Baby Stroller! Must See!

We have another video by the great Peterbilt RC truck enthusiast Luca Bordin! He is very well known for making custom RC creations based on the 359 Peterbilt truck. We reported on lot of his videos in the past and it was for a good reason! His Peterbilt RC truck creations are simply amazing!

This time we come with a new video from Luca Bordin about that very same 359 Peterbilt truck. But, this time, Luca Bordin implemented a chariot for himself and a stroller for his little daughter to ride in! What a wonderful way to make his little daughter happy. His daughter must be feeling ecstatic when riding in this amazing Peterbilt RC truck!

The capabilities of this Peterbuilt RC truck are outstanding! It doesn`t have any problem carrying Luca in the chariot and his little daughter at all. And, when you take into consideration that one of Luca`s Peterbilt RC truck creations was pulling a Nissan SUV with its driver inside, this is like a walk in the park.

Luca used two thick 01⁄16 inches steel pipes to build the chassis. And it proves adequate enough for this scaled Peterbilt RC Truck. As for the engine specifications of this amazing scaled truck, Luca implemented a 36 volt 750 Watt electric motor. This electric motor using a sprocket drive chain drives the twin wheels at the back. But the sound that this motor produces lacks loudness. However, Luca placed a Tamiya sound model which solved the problem. The Tamiya sound model simulates the sound of a real truck nicely!

We can see smoke coming out the exhaust pipes of this truck. This is a great esthetic move from Luca. Don`t worry, the smoke isn`t real. As Luca stated in the description of this video, the smoke is actually water vapor. And the water vapor is also flavored with all types of fruits.

Luca Bordin is such a creative genius and we just can`t wait for his next Peterbilt RC truck video!

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