RC Peterbilt Truck With The Super Sound System! Are You Here For The Party?

This is a creation that isn`t just an expensive toy you can buy online, but a custom made creation by the Italian named Luca Bordin. We introduce to you the RC Peterbilt truck 359!

Once upon a time, Luca saw a guy controlling a model truck online. And Luca being a huge American truck enthusiast especially an avid fan of the Peterbilt 359, made a decision to create one for himself. And, one thing lead to another for Luca Bordin. This project became bigger than life for him.
The cabin for the RC Peterbilt truck was built with the assistance of a wooden frame. He then applied plastic polish in a way to bear resemblance to chrome. Surely lots of hours and a lot of attention was invested to detail for the cabin to look like this. After all of this was done it`s time to move on for the underpinnings.

Two 1.5 millimeter bulky steel pipes were enough to make a strapping frame that could endure all heavy weights. However, a truck, even one remotely controlled, is useless without an engine. And the more powerful the merrier. The engine specifications are a 36 volt and 750 watt electric motor. The rear twin wheels are driven through a sprocket drive chain.

The RC Peterbilt Truck is 6.8 feet long and it weighs nearly 400 pounds! We got to say, this scale model can be anything but it certainly is not a toy.

But we all know the sound of electric motors. They totally fail when sound is in question. But Luca had a solution for that too. The solution is a Tamya sound model which can simulate all kinds of sounds from an actual truck. But that is not all when it comes to the sound. He also installed an audio amplifier with two coaxial speakers. So yeah, everyone will take notice when the RC Peterbilt truck is roaming around.

Luca reportedly worked on this RC Peterbilt truck for 9 months. And it sure was worth it.

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Check out this Awesome RC Truck Peterbilt 359 With The Super Sound System!