FAST 8 Has A New Title – THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS! Check Out The Movie TRAILER!

The brand new FF8 movie features all of the things that makes this franchise cinema gold. Our protagonists and the elite force will cover the globe in order to stop one particular anarchist from unleashing total chaos in the world. It all starts after a mysterious and beautiful woman played by Charlize Theron convinces Dom in doing some nasty crimes and to betray the ones who are the closest to him. This sure sounds like a trial which will test our protagonists as they have never been tested before. This conflict is also hinted in the movie`s poster which boasts the phrase – family no more. It suggests some kind of tension between Dominic and Hobbs.

It looks like all the characters from the previous movies will unite to take down Dominic. Is Dom blackmailed or brainwashed? What`s going on here? We can`t wait to find out and we are sure you are pretty hyped as well. The upcoming FF8 movie has the potential to be over-the-top and action-packed as never before. It will feature some pretty awesome and unique rides as well. Dom`s jet-powered Ice Charger is bound to rock on the Icelandic Ice. It will also feature Letty`s Rally Fighter, Tej`s Ripsaw tank, Roman`s insane orange Lambo, and Hobbs Ice Ram. The F&F 8 will hit theaters in April, 17, 2017. Meanwhile, you can watch the trailer below!

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