The Cult Fast And Furious Eclipse For Sale! One Of The Most Popular Cars Of The F&F Franchise Will Be On Sale For Only $15.000!

Paul Walker is a guy we have been hearing a lot about after his passing. But opposed to other famous people who unexpectedly passed away, Paul Walker has left a very powerful legacy behind him! He cared for others, always trying to help those people who were in need and really tried to make the world a better place to live in! That is why his work and legacy must be preserved. And we are always happy when we hear that some guy out there is making sure his legacy lives on! Such will be the case with the guy who will buy this Fast and Furious Eclipse, take care of it and preserve its soul!

Some may say that the Fast and Furious Eclipse did not play a very prominent role in the franchise! People may also say that there are much better cars in the Fast and Furious universe than the Mitsubishi Eclipse. But still, it was the first race car driven by Brian O`Connor! Paul Walker`s character used this car for his first ever street race! The car in which Brian O`Connor was first introduced to us! Because of this, the Fast and Furious Eclipse has a huge sentimental value for all F&F fans!

If our memory still works, in the film, during Brian O`Connor`s first race, the intake manifold overheated because of too much NOS being used. Paul Walker`s character totally ignored the warnings and continued using the NOS. He managed to beat Edwin, but afterwards lost control and Dominic won the race!
It is only one scene, but for millions of Fast and Furious fans this is one of the best scenes in the franchise! And we hope that the guy who will buy this vehicle will take care of it and preserve this piece of Paul Walker`s legacy.

Mitsubishi Eclipse from Fast and the Furious

This Mitsubishi Eclipse features a big variety of custom options including a Trpy Lee`s vinyl graphic design, APR rear wing, body kit by Blitz, twin NOS bottles, roof scoop and customized interior.

However, several cars were specially produced for the film and one of them was blown to small pieces in the scene with the explosion of the NOS bottles and this is what happened with most of the cars produced for the first movie. All the Eclipses were painted in different colors for the next film”2 Fast 2 Furious”. At the end most of them were again painted to green to promote the famous film series.

This web site claims the famous Mitsubishi Eclipse it’s on sale for $15,000 with 155,445 miles on the counter.