Paul Walker Mitsubishi Eclipse GS! The Car Brings A LOT Of Memories For Every F&F Fan!

What we have here will definitely not leave you halfhearted! Especially if you are a Fast & Furious fan who keeps this franchise close to his heart. It is a car driven by Paul Walker in the first installment of this franchise back in 2001! Actually it is the first car ever driven by Paul Walker in the franchise. The car that we first got to meet Brian O`Connor in! It is the very powerful Mitsubishi Eclipse GS! And we are sure this Paul Walker Mitsubishi will bring a lot of good memories for all of you Fast & Furious fans!

The Mitsubishi Eclipse GS is remembered as the car that Brian O`Connor made his first attempt at racing with! Brian O`Connor entered the drag race in the film as an undercover cop. All this in order to win the favor of Dominic Torreto played by Vin Diesel. The car in the movie met its demise when it was blown up by the mad Johnny Tran. Nevertheless, it remains an icon on the movie franchise.

Stock with turbo the Paul Walker Mitsubishi Eclipse GS has a 2.0 L engine that produces 210 HP! We don`t know if the stock engine remains in the hub, but it has some hefty tuning nevertheless. It has a custom made carbon fiber splitter at the front, APR GT2 two level style wing, a roof scoop GT Style and carbon fiber mirrors! Alongside these modifications there are also green neon lighting and 18 inch wheels made by Axis Sport!

And when we are talking about stirring up good memories you`ll notice something extraordinary in the back as well! You`ll see the awesome Mystery Machine! The van that helped Scooby and the gang solve many mysteries all around the world!

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