Fast And Furious 8 Is Being Filmed In Cuba! Watch Vin Diesel Speaking Spanish To Cuban Fans!

As you might know, the Fast and Furious movie franchise is our all-time favorite! Mighty cars, incredible action, beautiful women, these movies have it all! The franchise took a huge hit in 2013 when it lost its main actor, Paul Walker, who lost his life in a tragic car accident! Nonetheless, the producers of Fast and Furious decided they would continue making new movies with the rest of the cast! The last installment was Fast and Furious 7, and for some time, it was unknown what would happen with the franchise in the future. No need to wonder anymore, as we bring you good news! Fast and Furious 8 is being filmed at the moment, and at least a part of it will be set in Cuba! This was the reason why Vin Diesel showed up in the Cuban capital! We have 3 videos of Vin Diesel speaking Spanish, which probably surprised the Cuban fans!

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