Imagine If It Were PIXAR & DISNEY To Make FURIOUS 7! Check Out This FAKE Trailer! HILARIOUS, But BELIEVABLE!

“You don`t know me! You`re about to!” BOOM! Now that`s maybe the most powerful scene in the last part of the FAST and FURIOUS sequel – Furious 7! You probably read this line in Jason Statham`s voice while imagining Deckard talking to Dominic – Vin Diesel! However, we would like to show you another side of this movie, a more fun and funny one with this fake trailer, if we may! You are definitely not going to regret it!

You have probably seen or at least heard of John Lasseter`s and Joe Ranft`s animated movie – CARS! It`s a good one, seriously, at least play it for your kids! We are sure they are going to have a great time watching it!

The movie had a huge success as it was nominated for two OSCARS while winning 25 different awards! What you are about to see here in this video is a TRAILER whose producers mixed the legendary FURIOUS 7 and CARS and made an EXTRA funny combination where cars talk in the voices of Dominic Toretto, Brian O`Conner, Deckard Shaw, Letty and many others! The perfect Furious 7 fake trailer! We really wish this wasn`t just a fake trailer but an actual movie trailer! How cool would`ve that been? Cars meet Furious 7! Now that is definitely a blockbuster flick worth watching!

The cars are very apt to the characters they are portraying. Vin Diesel is portrayed as the old tow rusty truck! But we are not going to reveal any more of this Furious 7 fake trailer! And knowing the plot in both movies, you`ll find it interesting which character is who`s equivalent in each movie! Check it out and get ready to give in some serious laugh! Cheers!

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