There are not many other things that are representing the true spirit of the American muscle cars as watching a good old vintage Detroit muscle from the golden era of the muscle car production, raising hell on the strip. And as most of you who are following us on a regular basis know well, that is the reason why every time we come across a new video clip with one such car, we are feeling kind of obliged to show it to you as soon as possible. And our choice for today has fallen on this great 1970 Plymouth Duster, which I think that for many of you, it will hit the right spot directly!

So, what we have here is one 1970 Plymouth Duster, a drag beast that easily shows off its teeth even from the very start of the race, and that Quarter-Mile pass. Due to all that horse and torque power, it obviously cannot help it but to launch with a small wheelie, and then hit the strip hard and achieve a result within the 9-second barrier. Unfortunately, we do not have the information about its specs, but I`m sure that won`t stop any of you to enjoy its drag strip performance!

So just check out the video below and have fun! And for those of you who want to learn more about the 1970 Plymouth Duster, go to this link.