An 18-Year Old Girl with 1969 CAMARO TWIN TURBO!

Hello my fellow Gearheads! Today we have the pleasure of introducing you with our (and `hopefully` your) new dream girl! She is 18, she is beautiful, she loves and drives a classic Detroit muscle, a 1969 Camaro Twin Turbo and she does it as fast as hell! And Yes! As you could have read in the title, Alex is proud to say that she has managed to pull an 8 second Quarter-Mile pass at the Rocky Mountain Race Week. Wow!

She was the youngest competitor in Colorado, and she is putting her fate in her 1969 Camaro Twin Turbo that has received a set of some pretty serious modifications and upgrades, needed to reach that level of performance, in order to achieve that awesome result.

Alex started to race 2 years ago, when she was 16, and her first race happened in a sanctioned drag race, while she was competing at Drag Week. It is obvious that she knows a thing or two about mechanics, so it is no wonder that she also knows her way around the car`s engine department pretty well.

As some of you can probably presume, Alex actually grew up this way, taking into an account that her family is into racing, so her entire childhood has been marked with the smell of muscle cars. Now, she drives this awesome 1969 Twin Turbo LS2 powered Chevy Camaro, and she makes her childhood dream come true.

So take a look at the video below, find out more about this great Gearhead teenager, and see her in action!

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