Here we go with something that will put a big smile on the faces of all those amongst you who consider themselves true fans of one of the most iconic Detroit muscles, the one and only Chevy Camaro! Today we have prepared you the very first shots from the new, 6th generation- 2016 Chevy Camaro SS, that had its debut only a few weeks ago.

The latest Chevy muscle monster was presented in Detroit, but for that occasion, they had shown only the V6 models. However, we have managed to find a few pictures and a similar video clip, from the very first V8 powered Camarao SS, spotted in a public.

The new 2016 Chevy Camaro SS is featuring some serious changes, mostly due to the reduction of the mass with aluminum components, and it is also packing a 455 HP LT1 V8 motor from the Corvette C7 Stingray.

These great shots of the V8 powered Chevy Camaro SS are showing us the car in a yellow and black paint scheme, but there was also another one, spotted in Ypsilanti, Michigan, at the 24th Annual Camaro Superfest. That example came with a crimson-red paint job, and it definitely looks awesome!

So check out the video below and feast your eyes with more shots of the great new Chevy Camaro SS.

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