Bienville Legacy – The 300HP Motorbike By ADMCi Foundation!

This year`s edition of Goodwood Festival Of Speed brought a great deal of excitement in terms of racing and the vehicles themselves! There is still a lot to talk about even though it ended over 2 months ago. That is the greatness of a motor show, to make people chat about it until the next edition! We are no different than the ones who talk, and we are about to prove that! The video we have here for today features a debutant motorbike from the 2015 Goodwood Festival Of Speed. It is our honor to present you Bienville Legacy – the bike that has been on the drawing board for nearly a decade and finally gets to see the light of the day.

Bienville Legacy is the brainchild of ADMCi Foundation`s master designer JT Nesbitt. It has many carbon fiber as well as titanium components which make this motorcycle differ from the rest. Moreover, the machine powering this bike is a 1650cc, 180 horsepower engine amplified with a supercharger that lifts the number of horses to 300! These are some of the main characteristics of this lightweight two-wheeler! Make sure to watch the video till the end in order to find out more detailed information.

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